26 septiembre, 2016

Conquering the world one crunch at a time

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When we have tweens at home, it is hard to keep the pantry well stocked… because they are always hungry no matter what!! Some of you may be wondering “Does Andreina has a racoon problem at home, and “tweens” are how they are called in Wisconsin?” … No! I am taking about children; mine and yours, when they are in that age where they are not exactly little kids, and not yet full-fledged teens, but rather something in-between: tweens. And they are always hungry. Fortunately, I heard that we can count on the help from our friends at Yoplait, whom -with tweens’ needs in their minds- have designed a new product called Yoplait Go Big.

My tween is amazing, and I always try to find ways to let him know what I think of him. So when I saw him playing that he was plotting to conquer the world (literally, see the pictures), while crushing his Go Big with one hand I remembered the many times that he has actually taught me something, for example, geography! When he looks at his maps and finds a curiously named place or one that he read about, he joyously jumps and calls me to tell me about it… and 9 times out of ten, it’s something new for me.
This is how my Tween is Crushing It
I will write a letter for him, I still don’t know if I will read it aloud or if I’ll leave it in his pillow. But for sure it will say something like: “… you always surprise me in a positive way with your energy, your eagerness to learn, and the cool things that you teach me even without being aware that you are doing so. Please, please never cease to do that, never get tired of learning or loose that thirst for discovery…”
What is it that makes your tween amazing? (tell me just one thing, I know there are many to choose from :P ) How do they make your day, every day? You can leave me your comments here, but can also go to Yoplait’s Facebook page  to do so. #YoplaitGoBig


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  1. Its always wonderful when you start learning from your kids new things. There excitement always is contagious! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ellos nunca dejan de sorprendernos, y crecen tan rapido. Yo descubrí que tengo un tween en casa!!

  3. Yo tengo tres de esos en casa jajaja no paran de comer nunca.


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